Kellyanne Conway Uses Trump’s Visit To Las Vegas To Attack His Critics

Wayne Allyn Root is a right-wing commentator, conspiracy theorist and Donald Trumpobsessed sycophant who has spent the last several days spreading fake news about the mass shooting in Las Vegas, so naturally top White House advisor Kellyanne Conway called in to Root’s radio program yesterday to, rather ironically, attack President Trump’s critics for supposedly politicizing the tragedy.

Root, who is based in Las Vegas and who spoke at several rallies in Nevada for Trump during the campaign, is the sort of right-wing radio host who eagerly promoted conspiracy theories about the murder of Seth Rich and warns his listeners never to date liberal women because they are all ugly and “will cut your pee-pee off.” But Conway was more than happy to appear on his radio show following Trump’s visit to the city and use the opportunity to attack Hillary Clinton and other Trump critics.

When Root praised Trump’s handling of the recent hurricanes that struck Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, as well as the tragedy in Las Vegas, claiming that the president is “showing himself to be nothing but a great healer and a uniter, not a divider,” Conway agreed, saying that Trump is “trying to unify the country.”

But then Conway pivoted and began attacking Trump’s critics for daring to criticize him during these events.

“The president isn’t saying anything political, but a lot of his detractors still are,” she said. “They don’t take a break. There is no natural disaster, no man-made tragedy like the one in Las Vegas, no madman’s tragedy in Las Vegas, that stops them from even taking a breath or a semicolon or a break away from criticizing this president for everything and it shows how petty and small [they are.]”

“The politicization at all times for this president is really terrible,” she continued. “There are so many people of the different party who are immediately—you had parents still combing through the rubble looking for their children, not knowing, loved ones who were not getting phone texts and calls, desperately, urgently returned to them just to know if their loved ones were safe and alive and yet you have people like Hillary Clinton jumping right on the Twitter; first of all, being completely inaccurate in one of her claims—I won’t dignify if by repeating it. And secondly, jumping right to the NRA and to guns and I find that to be really beyond because you literally have people suffering. There were people at the time who were injured who are now on the fatality list and yet they never let the ability to politicize something go to waste. The people see that. That’s what they rejected, they rejected it last year and they continue to reject it. That is a movement, a party, indeed a woman who has no message and no shame really.”