Kat Kerr Orders East Coast Winter Storm to Put Out the California Wildfires

Self-proclaimed “prophetess” and “weather warrior” Kat Kerr posted a video on her Facebook page yesterday ordering the winter storm that is bringing freezing rain and snow to the East Coast to shift and head west in order to extinguish the devastating wildfires that have been ravaging California.

Wildfires have been raging for more than a week and have already destroyed thousands of homes and taken dozens of lives, but Kerr is only now getting around to “taking authority” over them, ordering rain to fall on the region and calling on God to remove the oxygen from the fires.

“We command [the hosts of heaven] to get in there and break up those fires,” Kerr declared. “We command a low pressure system to come. Why do I say that? Because a low pressure system brings rain and we need rain in that part of the country right now … We command them to begin to fizzle, to go out, let the oxygen be removed from the fire itself but not from any of the surrounding atmosphere.”

“We command the low pressure system to begin to form in California over those fires and let it rain and rain and rain until those fires are put out and nothing will even be smoking, not even embers,” Kerr ordered, as she then instructed Winter Storm Avery to change direction and head toward California. “We’re hitting that weather system from where it’s placed right now, we hit it to go west, we’re going to go all the way west to California and cover that area. We command that low pressure system involved in that icy storm to go and help to put the fires out.”

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