Joseph Farah: ‘The Real Brownshirts’ Are Liberals ‘Policing The Internet’

Joseph Farah, the founder of the conspiracy theory-promoting “news” website WND, has been frantically raising money to keep his website afloat, citing algorithm changes by tech giants like Google and Facebook that he says were made with “the intent of minimizing access to WND.” In a speech to the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix over the weekend, Farah said that changes like this and efforts by social media companies to crack down on hate speech and fake news on their platforms show that “the left is fundamentally totalitarian” and that “the real brownshirts” are those who are “policing the internet.”

“I love free and open debate but the left doesn’t,” Farah said. “We are seeing the left baring its fangs like it eventually always does despite its rhetoric about diversity and tolerance. The left is fundamentally totalitarian in nature and character. Because as it grows, we know what happens, we’ve seen it a few times—Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba, etc.”

Farah said that when he started WND 20 years ago, he “thought we had them on the run” but that “the tide turned” with the election of Trump, causing liberals to pull out “all the stops.”

“When did Google bring in SPLC?” he said, referring to reports that the civil rights group has helped YouTube flag extremist content. “Summer of 2017. That was a quiet but momentous act few noticed. The real haters, the real brownshirts are policing the internet today.”