Joseph Farah: Women Who’ve Had Abortions, Atheists, Muslims & ‘Gender Benders’ Are The Real ‘Deplorables’

WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah dedicated his column on Friday to arguing that LGBT people, Muslims, atheists, people who receive government aid and women who have had an abortion are the real “deplorables” and that they are siding with Hillary Clinton in the presidential race.

In a column titled “Who Really Has The Support of ‘Deplorables’?” Farah writes:

For one thing, Hillary Clinton seems to have pulled together a coalition of, shall we say kindly, “non-traditional” voters?

  • people on the government dole
  • illegal voters
  • cop haters
  • those who detest the military
  • Jew haters
  • Christian bashers
  • those who sacrifice children to the god of convenience
  • Communists
  • leftist ideologues
  • God deniers
  • gender benders
  • Muslims

In contrast, he claims, Donald Trump has the support of such groups as “those who appreciate personal freedom” and “those who revere the Constitution.”

He concludes that “it’s certainly interesting that she doesn’t mind throwing stones while clearly living in a big glass menagerie of malcontents and drawing more than her share of support from some who could accurately and fairly called ‘deplorables.’”