John Guandolo Wishes He Could Execute People He Thinks Spread Marxist Islam

John Guandolo (Screenshot via YouTube)

John Guandolo, a disgraced former FBI agent turned radical right-wing activist, said on Friday that in a world where he was “anointed king,” he would want to execute many people, including Democratic and Republican leaders who he claims are advancing a radical Marxist Islamic agenda in the United States.

Religious Right radio host Sandy Rios hosted Guandolo on her show Friday morning, where he blamed the Southern Poverty Law Center, Antifa, and the Council on American–Islamic Relations for that fact that he had to scrap his Midwest conference tour due to venue cancellations. Guandolo said he believed that the cancellation of his tour was further evidence that an “Islamic movement” and Marxism were taking over the United States.

Rios asked Guandolo how we would fix that alleged problem “if somebody anointed John Guandolo king.”

“I’d actually use all the legal means at my disposal, which means that people actually committing sedition, I would arrest them and punish them to the fullest extent of the law—which means many of them I would execute,” Guandolo said. “Those people committing treason, I would do the same thing.”

He continued: “I would start with the people supporting the Islamic movement and the Marxist movement, Democrat leadership at the national level, Republican leadership at the national level. And where there is evidence, probable cause, I would take the legal route on that.”