John Guandolo: The Media Should Be Tried For Treason For Attempting To ‘Overthrow The Government’

Yesterday, we posted a clip of disgraced former FBI agent and current anti-Islam activist John Guandolo asserting that those responsible for the Steele dossier and the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election must be tried for treason and executed.

Earlier this week, Guandolo appeared on “The Shilling Show” and insisted that members of the media must also be charged with treason for being a part of the systematic effort to “overthrow a duly elected president.”

“This is a hostile Marxist movement in the United States and the media is a part of that movement,” he said. “Over 90 percent of the articles since the election about the president are negative. That doesn’t happen randomly.”

“When you can demonstrate that someone is operating intentionally in furtherance of a movement that conspires to overthrow the government, that is a violation of the law,” Guandolo continued. “For all those involved, it is sedition. For people in positions of authority who have duties in the government, then treason can be applied to them. And for people in the media who are willingly supporting and knowingly supporting a movement to destroy the republic, overthrow the government, they can be charged for that.”