Jim Garlow: ‘Under No Condition Do We Have To Follow Laws That Violate The Word Of God’

Right-wing pastor Jim Garlow posted a video yesterday promoting his latest book, “Well Versed: Biblical Answers to Today’s Tough Issues,” in which he warned conservative Christians that they are very close to the point when they will be required to “participate in very active civil disobedience” against an “anti-godly government.”

“We are coming to that point in our own culture,” he said, “when the laws of the land, the demands put upon us by anti-godly government is such that Christians are going to have to make some very tough decisions.”

Garlow said that Christians “are not called to obey the government when the government willfully, intentionally violates the laws of the land,” and that is exactly what is happening today.

“I’ve got news for you,” he said. “The Supreme Court is not supreme, overall. God is supreme. And the Supreme Court has passed laws regarding marriage, regarding abortion, and under no condition do we have to follow laws that violate the word of God.”

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