Jim Garlow: God May Be Raising Up Donald Trump

California pastor Jim Garlow, one of the driving forces behind 2008’s Proposition 8, told Charisma magazine’s Steve Strang in a podcast interview posted today that God “may just be raising” Donald Trump up as a “wrecking ball” to government corruption.

Echoing the language of pro-Trump pastor Lance Wallnau, Garlow said, “I’ve never seen a candidate have the guts to do what he’s done. He’s a wrecking ball and I think God may just be raising him up intentionally because we need a wrecking ball to expose this corruption and bring it down.”

“I’ve never seen a man who had the guts and the courage to take on not only the Democrats but, like you said, the media, the educational establishment, the entertainment,” Garlow said, referincing three of the seven cultural “mountains” of Seven Mountains dominionism.

Garlow said that Trump also “took on the establishment of the GOP”; “took on the globalists, which “in itself stirs the pits of hell”; and “took on the election process” (here Garlow falsely claimed that “millions” of votes are being cast in the names of people who have died).

Garlow added that Trump is “uniquely qualified” because he’s started criticizing tax loopholes that he took advantage of for years.

When Strang asked Garlow about evangelicals who are supporting Hillary Clinton or declining to vote for either major party candidate, Garlow questioned whether liberal evangelicals truly believe in the Bible.

“I would question whether or not everyone believes the Bible in the way they may have at one point,” he said. “Just look at how they’re capitulating on the definition of marriage and their view of homosexuality. There’s a lot of capitulation, a lot of Neville Chamberlain evangelicals out there.”

He suggested that religious conservatives may have to “abandon” the term “evangelical” altogether and “coin a new phrase” like “ABC, authentically biblical Christians.”

When evangelicals back Clinton and her support for abortion rights, he said, “the blood’s going to be on their hands as well as hers on that issue.”

As for those who are supporting a third party or declining to vote, he warned that “they’re not going to feel good when Hillary’s policies come down harsh on all of us, they’re not going to feel so cool about themselves at that particular point.”