Jim Garlow To Head Gingrich’s “Renewing American Leadership”

In addition to Harry Jackson and Janet Porter, Pastor Jim Garlow also spoke at the “Convergence 2010” conference where he blamed today’s degenerate culture on the church’s failure to impart true Christian value to society and its political leaders, saying that the Bible has the answers to every pressing political issue (taxes, health care, immigration, Social Security, etc…) but nobody ever makes the case. 

He went on to blame the Emerson v. Board of Education decision and Lyndon Johnson for having “effectively silenced, chilled, and muzzled almost every pastor in America” and the situation has only been made worse, Garlow claimed, by the “hate speech legislation” signed into law by President Obama which has all but “made it illegal to preach the word of God.”

At which point Garlow announced that he had accepted the presidency of Renewing American Leadership, which is an organization founded by Newt Gingrich, David Barton, and others which is committed to “defending and promoting the three pillars of American civilization: freedom, faith and free markets”: