Jim Garlow: Christians Who Won’t Vote For Trump ‘Need To Pray More’

Religious Right pastor Jim Garlow was a guest on today’s episode of the “WallBuilders Live” radio program, where he told host Rick Green that any Christian who has prayed and decided that they cannot vote for Donald Trump needs to “pray some more” because by refusing to vote for him, they are helping to elect “Jezebel 2.0,” Hillary Clinton

Green noted that lots of Christians claim that they have prayed on this question but have still reached “the wrong conclusion” that they cannot support Trump, which prompted Garlow to declare that such Christians “need to pray some more, quite bluntly.”

He then compared Christians who don’t support Trump to those who failed to resist Nazism in Germany.

“It’s like the Christians in Germany who eventually knew what was happening to the Jews as they were being gassed,” Garlow said. “They knew it and they stayed silent.”

History remembers people like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Garlow said, but there is eternal shame on “all those silent Christians that didn’t say anything about the Jews being killed [because] they had no guts, they had no courage, they had no boldness and they would not stand for truth.”