Jim Bakker Prays For Trump Victory, Against Obama Third Term, ‘Evil Reporters’ And Pro-Clinton Christians

In a November 3 prayer call, a recording of which was posted online by his ministry, televangelist Jim Bakker declared that God has “raised up Donald Trump” and prayed for Trump’s victory in today’s election.

Bakker asked listeners to “bind those leaders that have turned their backs on God, our leaders that say we are no longer a Christian nation,” and to get involved in politics to elect Trump because he is “standing for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

“Those who are against God don’t want to let go of this power and they are ready to do damage to this nation,” he said, warning of “an attempt, I believe, to stop the election so there can be a continuation of the president’s reign that he has had freely to change the rules of America, to change even the Bible’s standards, that has changed our standard of marriage, changed everything, banned prayer from school, banned the Bible from school.”

“It’s time to take back our nation,” Bakker cried.

“God, we pray for the media to turn back to truth,” he said. “God, we bind the evil reporters, the evil that comes against this country.”

He also asked God to sway the Christian leaders and others that “are endorsing Hillary Clinton’s agenda” that “is against families, against all the things we’ve stood for all these years.”

“God, the United States of America is ours,” he declared. “Oh God, bring righteousness back to our nation, we agree together and everyone says ‘Amen.’ And I pray that Donald Trump will be president. Amen!”