Jim Bakker: Trump Opponents Bringing ‘Anarchy’ And ‘Civil War’ To America

Yesterday, televangelist Jim Bakker hosted the show “Revelation in the News,” where he declared that America is on the brink of civil war.

Bakker, an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, said that Trump’s election gave him “hope that maybe we can pray again in America or that we could read the Bible in America,” which he apparently could not do when Barack Obama was president.

He pointed to the recent Women’s March as a fulfillment of 2 Timothy’s account that people “in the last days” will be “despisers of those that are good,” claiming that they are “marching in the streets by the millions to kill their babies.”

Bakker claimed that Americans who support Trump are facing persecution and losing their freedom of speech, while cohost John Woodall contended that treasonous CIA officers are targeting Trump.

“You’d think Americans would be thrilled that Trump is standing up for us,” Bakker said, lamenting that while “we have elected a president who is standing up for America, we’re being told that Americanism is not in style anymore, that that’s old fashioned.”

Later in the show, cohost Mondo De La Vega took a statement made by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch wildly out of context by claiming that she called for “blood and death on the streets” to “go against the administration that we have today in the White House.”

“We’re going to have anarchy in our streets,” Bakker interjected. “There’s a lot of prophets that are prophesying that if we don’t turn back to God soon, we are going to have a civil war in the United States of America.”

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