Jim Bakker: Send Angels To Donald Trump

Televangelist Jim Bakker called on his viewers yesterday to send “reassuring angels” to surround President Trump.

One of Bakker’s guests, Charisma News editor Jennifer LeClaire, described the phenomenon of angelic intervention and noted the presence of angels in Bakker’s television studio.

“There’s an angel right on your left shoulder right now standing right behind you,” she told Lori Bakker, the televangelist’s wife and co-host.

Bakker’s other guest, self-proclaimed prophet Mark Taylor, announced that God assigned a specific angel to him.

Jim Bakker, for his part, urged viewers to direct angels to defend President Trump: “Pray for the reassuring angels, the angel of fire, the angel of war. Let’s send them to surround our president. Wouldn’t that be a good idea? Everybody, send your angel out there.”