Jim Bakker On Double Rainbows, The Solar Eclipse And The Danger Of Mocking God’s Prophets

End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker and his guest, Mark Biltz, asserted on Bakker’s television show today that the appearance of a double rainbow over the White House recently is a sign of God’s covenant with America and that the upcoming solar eclipse is a heavenly call for this nation to repent.

“I believe a rainbow speaks of God’s covenant and over the White House, I think God is telling America He is in covenant with us,” Biltz said. “He is in covenant with us, that’s why it’s over the White House … It represents the nation and God is saying He’s in covenant with us and that why it’s so important for us, then, to heed the warning and to repent. That’s why we also have the solar eclipse coming across, because God wants [us to repent.]”

“God wants to be in covenant with our White House,” Bakker added. “We should be praying for our White House instead of cursing it. America is cursing, they’re cursing each other, they’re cursing our president.”

“You people that are mocking the prophets,” Bakker later warned, “you better be careful because God’s raised up the prophets to warn us and to teach us … I’m telling you, people, if you don’t know we’re in the Last Days, you’re so deceived.”