Jim Bakker: If Trump Loses, This Will Be Our Last Christmas

Televangelist Jim Bakker rallied his viewers to get behind Donald Trump yesterday, warning that if the GOP presidential nominee loses the election, Christmas will be banned and the world will move towards the End Times.

After Bakker made the false claim that “there’s something like at least a million dead people and others, illegals, voting, that they know of,” his co-host Zach Drew suggested that President Obama used voter fraud to win re-election in 2012 because he lost every state that required photo ID. In 2012, of course, only four states had an ID requirement for voting, and they were all traditionally Republican states: Georgia, Indiana, Kansas and Tennessee.

Bakker said that “depending on the election,” this could be the last year we celebrate Christmas: “This could be the last Christmas that we really can celebrate Jesus and say Jesus, because the way things are going, everything that is godly has been removed from this country.”

“If my candidate that I have chosen does not win, the end is nearer than you think because we’re in the final days,” he said.