Jim Bakker: Heed God’s Warning And Buy My Prepper Buckets For The End Of Days Time Of Trouble

Flyer from mailing from Jim Bakker's Morningside Church

A new fundraising mailer from televangelist Jim Bakker aims for the sweet spot between celebrating that it is “amazing” to be living in the “End of Days” and warning that things are going to be so terrible that supporters should stock up on the prepper-style food buckets he hawks relentlessly on his TV show:

Recently at the POTUS Shield Convocation held here at Morningside, my friend Frank Amedia said, as I have voiced many times, ‘We’ve been born for such a time as this. God has called you for this time.’ We ARE in the End of Days! We are part of what will be the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit that there was ever been! What an amazing time to be alive!

We also know that things are going to be happening quite suddenly that will shake this world to the core. We know there will be sickness and great hunger, we know there will be war, we know there will be natural disasters beyond all our comprehension. How do we know this? How can I be so sure?

When I speak of these things I am speaking from the authority of the Word of God. The longer I live on this earth I see that there are no mistakes in the Bible. If you want to know the future, you need to know the Word of the Living God!

Like other Religious Right leaders, Bakker is a zealous supporter of President Trump. Bakker said a few weeks ago that criticism of Trump was a sign that “America is in a war against God.” Last year Bakker warned that God’s judgment would fall on anyone who interfered with divine plans to use Trump to save America. Bakker has also warned that people will have to answer to God for making fun of him.

In his new pitch, Bakker warns his followers that the “popular and delicious Tasty Food Bucket is going to be discontinued at the end of April due to cost of the ingredients. Many of these recipes will never be offered in a configuration like this again! Some recipes may even be retired.”

The colorful flyer included with the letter spells out four offers, from the single food bucket available for a gift of $175 to Bakker’s ministry (374 servings) all the way up to the special Time of Trouble Officer of 28 Tasty Pantry Deluxe Plus Buckets (10,472 servings) that can be yours for a $3,700 contribution.

Says Bakker, “We believe in preparing because God has warned us to prepare.”