Jim Bakker: ‘Born Again’ Donald Trump Battling Forces Of Evil And Women Marching To ‘Kill Their Babies’

This week, televangelist Jim Bakker hosted Carl Gallups, a far-right conspiracy theorist who campaigned for Donald Trump and whose endorsement was touted by Trump’s campaign, to discuss the “signs of the times” revealed by Trump’s election.

Bakker said that Trump is in a war against pure demonic evil—“you’re seeing the warfare between good and evil”—and attacked the people participating in the Women’s March on Washington as wicked women who want to “kill their babies.”

The two then discussed how Trump, who Bakker claimed is a born-again Christian, will be such a successful president that he might be succeeded in office by Mike Pence and Eric Trump, upsetting, according to Gallups, the “demonic powers” of hell.