Bakker: Forces Of Hell Oppose Donald Trump Because He Stands For ‘Righteousness’

Televangelist Jim Bakker revealed on his program today that God called on him to help get Donald Trump elected president because Trump “stands for Bible reading” in public schools and says the words “Merry Christmas.”

But because “the family of God” elected Trump, Bakker said, the forces of “evil” are now fighting back.

“All hell is against this presidency,” Bakker said, because Trump stands for “righteousness.”

“Christianity cramps the style of this generation,” he added. “This generation wants to sin, mock God, kill babies, a million of them a year, and just do anything we want. They’ve decided to change marriage, the whole definition of marriage. I’ve got news for you: It still takes a man and a woman to make a baby.”

Bakker went on to falsely claim that the United Kingdom has legalized “three-person marriage” and “so they’re going to take parts, stuff from three people; so three people now can get married, pretty soon you’ll be able to marry a baboon.” (Bakker cited a report that the leader of Britain’s Green Party said she was open to supporting civil unions for three people).

Later, Bakker expressed confidence that Trump will give people “the chance to put Christ back in the United States of America” and begin “reinstating ‘Merry Christmas,’” despite the fact that “about half of America are God-haters.”

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