Jim Bakker: Bill O’Reilly’s Firing Part Of Dangerous Plot To Silence Conservatives

Last week on “Revelation in the News,” televangelist Jim Bakker fumed over the Fox News Channel’s firing of Bill O’Reilly over claims that he sexually harassed several female coworkers, which Bakker warned was part of a larger plot to get conservative Christians off the air.

Bakker, who himself fell into disgrace back in the 1980s over allegations that he, among other things, slept with his secretary and paid her “$265,000 in church money to insure her silence,” portrayed O’Reilly as the real victim. He lamented that the Fox News host “is probably the strongest conservative voice in the world, and yet they were able to wipe him out.”

Linking O’Reilly’s dismissal to the initial cancellation of an Ann Coulter speech at University of California Berkeley, Bakker said that “they plan to shut up every conservative and Christian voice in America,” a supposed plan that he said “is as dangerous as an atomic bomb going off in America.”