Jesus Told Billye Brim’s Ex-Muslim Friend That Trump Would Become President

Televangelist Billye Brim appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show” today, where she claimed that Jesus had told a former-Muslim friend of hers weeks before the 2016 election that Donald Trump would become president.

Brim said that her friend “Max,” who had been born a Muslim but converted to Christianity after receiving multiple visitations from Christ, called her in September 2016 to tell her that he had been visited by Jesus “who told him that Donald Trump was going to be president.”

“In September, he called me and he said, ‘Jesus appeared to me and he told me that Donald Trump is going to be president of the United States and that He has been preparing him, that he wasn’t ready in 2012, but He had him prepared and he’s ready now,'” Brim said. “And Jesus said to him, ‘He’s closer to me than you know.’ And Jesus said to him, ‘I want him to be president for these reasons: To bless America, to bless Israel, and to bless Jerusalem, but he must have prayer like never before.'”

Brim said that she had been asked to participate in the election night broadcast that was produced by Kenneth Copeland Ministries and so she called Max before her appearance to get some insights into what Jesus was saying about the election.

“I called Max and I said, ‘Have you heard anything lately?'” Brim recounted. “He said, ‘I went out on my deck and I said, “Lord,” and I saw two Vs in the sky.’ He said, ‘In Arabic, that’s sevens.’ V is a seven … [but] the Lord said, ‘This is not Arabic, it’s English. It’s V for victory.'”

Brim asserted that the presence of two Vs in the sky was a sign from God that “it’s going to be two victories, I think there is going to be a second term.”