Jesse Lee Peterson: Men Who Have Sex Before Marriage Will Cheat On Their Wives

Right-wing radio host, pastor and misogynist Jesse Lee Peterson spent a good portion of his radio program on Friday arguing that the only reason for people to have sex is if they are “trying to make a baby” and insisting that any man who has sex before marriage will eventually cheat on his wife.

“There is not but one reason to have sex and that is to make babies,” Peterson told a caller, likening sex to drug addiction and asking, “Why are you feeling bad that you need to have sex to feel good?”

“Unless you are trying to have a baby, then there is no reason to be having sex,” he said. “I just want to make that point … What’s the need for having sex if you’re not trying to make a baby?”

“Men who have sex with women—and I want the ladies to know this, because they need good men—men who have sex with women before marriage will cheat on them after marriage,” Peterson proclaimed. “Not could happen, it will happen.”

Peterson insisted that if a man is having sex with his girlfriend or fiancé prior to marriage, “she is not the only one he’s having sex with. Now, he will lie to her and pretend that he is [being faithful], but he is not … For the ladies, I want them to know so that they stop having sex with men that want to have sex with them prior to marriage; I want the ladies to know that if your man, your fiancé is having sex with you prior to marriage, he’s doing it while you’re dating, he’s doing it while you’re engaged and he will do it afterward.”