Jesse Lee Peterson Hopes Trump Will Bring Back ‘Masculinity,’ Stop Men From Taking ‘Female Roles’

Conservative activist Jesse Lee Peterson is out with yet another WorldNetDaily column lionizing President-elect Donald Trump for his “masculinity,” this time hoping that Trump will inspire Americans to reject feminism and convince men to stop taking on “female roles” like being stay-at-home dads or nurses.

Peterson writes:

Here’s a question for Americans: Are you self-governed?

Many can see our country has lost control. Yet how many realize that they themselves have lost control?

The media, government and educational system divide, destroy and lie to the people, yet pretend to care about us.

Elites promote feminism, secularism and socialism, deluding people to reject family, God and freedom.

The government pushes homosexuality and transgenderism even on our children and soldiers.

We get what we deserve by allowing them to do it.

The new norm for black youth include riots, destruction, blocking roads and assaulting white people – enraged over imagined “injustice.” Meanwhile, real victims go into hiding, slandered and unheard.

Out-of-wedlock births are accepted by all races with no sense of shame. Women control men through sex, and men willingly use women for sex.

Many reject masculinity, and so reject God. The culture openly attacks and discriminates against men, as women and children go out of control.

Men become male nurses and stay-at-home “dads” and take on female roles. Worse, men become emotional and surrender their dignity and authority.

Conservative parents unwittingly turn their children away when they’re young, then lose them to liberalism in school.

Most never address lingering resentment toward mothers and fathers.

Have you noticed one prominent man who is not pushed around by the world (nor apparently by his wife)? He’s seemingly not flustered by intense, continuous pressure and slander from all sides.

Instead, he affects the world around him.

Donald Trump has changed politics and culture through relentless openness and boldness – and received tremendous love and hate for it.

I believe Donald Trump is self-governed.

Some claim Trump is “angry,” “thin-skinned” or “unstable.” Do not be so quick to judge. He dominates the opposition with shrewdness and force of personality – and, unlike Obama – realness.

Many intellectuals despise Trump’s masculinity, and they talk tough against him. But all who oppose him fall by the wayside.