Jesse Lee Peterson Leads Protest Telling Trump Accusers To ‘Stop The War On Men’

As we noted recently, conservative activist and radio host Jesse Lee Peterson has been unabashedly channeling the misogynistic “men’s rights” movement in his defenses of Donald Trump, including recently comparing the women who have accused Trump of sexual assault to Satan. Peterson took things to a new level on Tuesday when he led a protest outside the Los Angeles office of Gloria Allred, the attorney representing two of Trump’s accusers, accusing her of waging a “war on men.”

As what the Los Angeles Daily News estimated to be about six protesters held signs with slogans like “Gloria Allred Stop the War on Men” and “Say ‘No’ to #SickHillary,” Peterson repeated his frequent assertion that racism is “an illusion” and that African Americans will support Trump in the election but are afraid to say so publicly:

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson — one of the protest organizers — suggested Allred is working with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to discredit Trump as he stood near a mannequin made to resemble the former secretary of state.

“When Democrats are at risk of losing elections, they resort to accusing their Republican opponents of sexual misconduct or racism,” Peterson stated.

Peterson — who is African American — went on to say “there is no such thing as racism. It’s an illusion. It’s a lie that’s been made up by the race hustlers.”

Asked what he hoped to accomplish with the event, Peterson said, “I want the country to know that black Americans are not supporting Hillary Clinton. There are many blacks who are afraid to say they’re not because when you say you’re for Trump, you’re attacked.”

The Daily News quoted one of Peterson’s fellow protesters as saying: “There’s a war on men in our country, and there’s this impression that there’s a rape culture, but it’s not true.”

A video that the newpaper posted showed protesters almost outnumbered by members of the news media. One outlet that provided favorable coverage was the pro-Trump Breitbart News.