Jerome Corsi Wants To Make Amends With QAnon

Infowars Washington bureau chief Jerome Corsi said he hopes to make amends with QAnon supporters.

Earlier this year, Jerome Corsi announced his public support for “The Storm” conspiracy theory, which is more commonly known today as the “QAnon” theory. When the conspiracy theory first sprouted online, Corsi used the Infowars banner to lend credibility to the theory amongst the millions of people who seek out Infowars for news.

Months later, Corsi revealed that he had been invited to lunch late last year by someone who sought his personal buy-in to the ludicrous theory, which supposes that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is secretly working behind the scenes with President Trump to take down a massive global satanic pedophile ring involving Hillary Clinton and other prominent politicians and celebrities. Adherents of the theory contend that Trump has ordered information about this operation be posted on an anonymous imageboard notorious for child porn.

In the months that followed, Corsi would spend hours every day working alongside the Patriots’ Soapbox group that built out the infrastructure used to peddle the conspiracy theory and use the theory to justify ridiculous claims.

But all of that changed in May, when Corsi began to sour on Q after many of the events forecasted by Q didn’t pan out. His disdain came to a breaking point when whoever is behind the QAnon posts took a vague shot across the bow at people like Corsi, who had latched on to the conspiracy theory to sell their own products. Corsi began reversing course and casting doubt on “proofs” that QAnon is real—which he had once taken as a matter of fact—and accused Q of being a Kabbalah occultist.

Eventually, Corsi completely turned his back to QAnon and Infowars host Alex Jones, who had also been a QAnon enthusiast, declared on-air: “Stick a fork in the avatar of QAnon. It is now an overrun disinformation fount.”

But now that the QAnon theory has received wall-to-wall national press attention, Corsi appears to hope to rehab his favor with QAnon supporters. Yesterday, during his daily live broadcast, Corsi expressed that he hoped to reunite with the QAnon crowd.

“We’re reaching across to the QAnon supporters. We want this to be one great family supporting Donald Trump, without divisions. We will comment on and follow QAnon when QAnon is bringing forth news. I think in the last few days, QAnon has been particularly good on this whole issue of pedophilia and the posts that have been written I think are particularly illuminating,” Corsi said.