Jerome Corsi Suggests Carter Page Was ‘An FBI Asset’ Planted In The Trump Campaign To Justify Surveillance

During his appearance yesterday on “Lionel Nation,” Jerome Corsi of Infowars suggested that former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was actually an informant planted in the campaign by the FBI with orders to induce it to collude with Russia in order to justify government surveillance.

“Carter Page, it does appear, was an FBI asset,” Corsi said. “The interesting possibility is if the FBI had set up some kind of a sting operation where they said to Carter Page, ‘You go get yourself embedded in the Trump organization somehow or other and then at these meetings with Trump, continue to bring up the idea of Russia, Russia, Russia and see if you can’t get them to bite on the idea that you could either produce dirt on Hillary or collusion with Wikileaks to steal emails and swing the election against Hillary.'”

“If he turns out to be an FBI asset planted in the campaign to make this happen,” Corsi added, “you’re going to have an incredible plot which will again reinforce the idea that this was sedition and treason and a massive plot against Donald Trump.”