Janet Porter: Trump’s Supreme Court Pledge A ‘Pro-Lifer’s Dream Come True’

While guest hosting the “Point of View” radio program on Monday, Rep. Louie Gohmert spoke with Janet Porter, a conservative activist and the founder of Faith 2 Action, about how homosexuality is so vile that it led to Noah’s Flood.

When the conversation later turned to the release of the tape of Donald Trump bragging that he could sexually assault women because of his celebrity status, both Porter and Gohmert strongly defended Trump.

“I wouldn’t vote for the Apostle Paul before he became a Christian either,” Porter said, telling viewers that they “have to vote for Trump because he’s the guy that’s promised to put pro-lifers on the court.”

“This is a pro-lifer’s dream come true,” she added, referring to Trump’s two lists of potential Supreme Court nominees and his commitment to “unpass” Roe v. Wade.