Jackson and Perkins: We Must Keep the Gays Out of the National Cathedral for the Good of the Nation

Bishop Harry Jackson appeared on the Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch Weekly” with Tony Perkins to discuss the state of the right-wing effort to stop marriage equality in Washington, DC.

Perkins complained that nobody in the press was paying attention to the DC fight and Jackson agreed (did he forget about this?) saying there was a conspiracy afoot on the part of the media not to talk about it even though it is a national issue. And it is a national issue, Jackson explains, because just “imagine two men coming out of the National Cathedral, rice coming down, them embracing and kissing, on the front page of USA Today. That will lift the spirits of pro-same-sex marriage advocates around the country.” Perkins then likens the fight over marriage equality to the Civil War and other wars, because in war that is always “a real effort to take the capital city.”