Is Beck Heading Into Porter Territory?

Is Glenn Beck heading into Janet “Swine Flu Vaccine is a Conspiracy to Commit Genocide” Porter territory with his upcoming special?

I certainly won’t be surprised if he does:

On Thursday, I want you to join me for a special show, an hour-long special on the swine flu. I am not going to give you my opinion on the swine flu, I don’t think anybody but your doctor should give their opinion on the swine flu. This is for every American to ask themselves, “Am I going to give this injection to my children?”

We’re going to have a half-hour of those who say “Absolutely not” — medical doctors. And then the second-half is “Are you crazy? You must.”

You decide. That’ll be a special hour Thursday. Honest questions, I don’t think are going to be asked or answered anyplace else.

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