Is Armstrong Williams Trying to Kill Rifqa Bary?

I assume that will be the title of Pamela Geller’s next piece of right-wing propaganda after she reads this commentary from Williams:

It was all too easy, after hearing the initial stories about Rifqa Bary, to determine that some crazy fanatical Islamic extremists were going to try to kill their own daughter because of her conversion.

We’ve almost been taught to believe that Muslims’ understanding of God is naturally warped; that they’re just aching for a chance to kill what they term infidels, even those in their own family. Fortunately, being human allows for constant re-examination of our beliefs about other faiths, and it is time to recognize that this girl, whether due to confusion or malicious intent, has slandered and sullied her parents’ good name.

There’s no need for a judge to decide anything; when reading that her parents had allowed her to be a cheerleader, one needed read no further. The unconditional love these parents continue to have for their daughter! Religion aside, it’s apparent that Rifqa, for whatever reason, wanted attention and became delusional to the point of lying, or intentionally misrepresenting what her parents said.

Give these parents a break. It’s hard enough for parents these days without having the media whipped into a frenzy against you. If you’re still concerned over her well-being, put them under surveillance for a while, but this is foolishness! The girl’s a minor and the best place for her is with her loving parents. The tragedy is that she doesn’t realize just how good she has it with two parents who love her and relocated for the sake of a good education and necessary surgery.

Just think about how it would feel if it were your daughter. Christians, media, government, everybody, I implore you: Don’t make things any tougher for this family. Please don’t exploit them any longer as a chance to further attack the Muslim community and Islamic organizations for your own political and religious purpose. Lastly, don’t allow your ill-directed vengeance to get in the way of doing what is righteous going forward. Not now, not ever!