Intercessors for America Prays for End to Satanic ‘Transgendering’ of America

Image from Intercessors for America report that says "the gay lobby is like a 500-pound gorilla sitting on our religious freedoms."

Intercessors for America, a group that seeks to make the Trump administration the most prayed-for in U.S. history and which prayed intensely for conservative victories in the 2018 mid-term elections, devoted its monthly prayer call on Friday to sounding the alarm about the “transgendering” of America.

Before getting to the topic of the day, IFA’s Dave Kubal celebrated what he said were the 10 to 20 million Americans who answered Franklin Graham’s call to pray for President Trump on Sunday, June 2. Kubal said that as a result of those prayers, “things have changed in the spiritual realm.”

Friday’s call featured two anonymous speakers. “Phil” was described as someone with “a public platform” and “Denise” as a mother who is struggling with the gender transition of one of her children.

Phil declared that “gay is passé” and that’s why there’s now such a big focus on transgender identity. But he described it as “all part of a much larger, more nefarious” push, which is “not so much about being gay” as it is about “amassing of state power” and “suppressing the proclamation of the gospel altogether.” Kubal said that the Equality Act, which recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives, “will criminalize our ability to describe truth as truth.”

Gender identity, Phil declared, has been “concocted out of thin air.” He interrupted Kubal when he made a reference to transgender people to insist, “There is no one who is actually transgender.”

“I see the whole transgender project as a war on the human body,” said Phil, “a war led by Satan and grounded in his hatred for humankind “because we bear God’s image.”

Phil warned about an even more terrifying future in which it will be passé to be transgender, sounding an alarm about “transhumanist cults.”

“People don’t think this is real,” Phil said, adding that he lives and works close to a place that is “led by a transgender woman who has a black wife and a robotic clone of his wife. And he’s got billions of dollars and he leads the Terasem cult. This freight train isn’t stopping—I just want everybody on the call to know—this is an ongoing quest for power and it is an ongoing quest to destroy the image of God, the divine imprint stamped on every human being. This is a war on the human person of the most vicious kind.”

Denise was introduced as a mother whose children were homeschooled in a Christian home with a daughter who was exposed by an older sister to lesbianism and “the gay lifestyle” as a teenager, and after graduating from high school began taking testosterone to make a gender transition.  “It was when Obama was president and there was a lot of push in the gay, LGBT stuff,” Denise said.

Denise believes her child is crying out for help but is surrounded by LGBT individuals who reinforce transgender identity and describe the parents as haters and bigots.

Kubal asked Denise to finish out the call in prayer. She asked God to send “angel armies” and “that your fierce wrath would be unleashed against these spiritual forces that have tried to destroy the youth of our nation, a generation, and the church.”

Following the call, IFA made available “The Sexual Identity Crisis in America,” which it describes as “A Two-Part Special Report on Transgendering our Kids and Legislating Acceptance of LGBTQ Identities.”

Among the anti-trans activists cited and “experts” cited in the report are author Walt Heyer, psychiatrist Paul McHugh, the Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg, the Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson, and Quentin Van Meter, an Atlanta-based pediatric endocrinologist who told Breitbart in October that affirming transgender people is “painting over the trauma” they have experienced in emotionally dysfunctional families.

The report decries “the promoting of a warped and twisted definition of identity, even in children.” IFA flatly asserts that there is no such thing as gender identity. “Gender Dysphoria is a thing,” the report declares. “Gender Identity is not.”

More from its introductory text:

Today a sweeping movement is distorting the very core of who we are. Identity. It is confusing people through the lie that we can be who we decide to be or feel we are. This idea, this core belief, is at the heart of many political and social actions—two of which we are covering here. TRANSGENDERING OUR KIDS (which is happening at an alarming rate) and LEGISLATIVE IMMORALITY (forced acceptance of the gender identity myth.)

“We know this is big. Consuming. Dark. Heavy. Sad,” says the report; it says, “This is a hard, heart-wrenching, unthinkable topic.”

For decades, the gay movement has been beating the drum of “born this way” to claim that they were born with the sexual attraction toward the same sex, contrary to the Bible. “It’s who we are made to be,” they would claim, adults choosing a lifestyle that is not God’s design. Eventually letters and lifestyles were added to L and G to include BTQ and a growing number of choices, identities, and preferences. It seems that the 2015 Obergefell decision, nationally and legally requiring same-sex marriage opened the floodgates for a rapid and exponential growth in sexual identity additions.

What happened next many of us were unprepared for and are shocked by—grooming and instructing young children in sexual interests and choices, and the transgendering of our children—both emotionally and physically. We are here. It happened so fast that much of this has not even been on the radar of many Americans, and yet it is happening in every state, and in many schools and homes.

The report says that Satan is behind “the move to transgender kids,” declaring, “We know that ultimately the source of this great lie that our culture is embracing is the father of lies, who is intent to destroy God’s ‘very good’ creations, and to harm each person’s image of ourselves as God’s workmanship.”

Echoing the claims on the prayer call that the transgender movement is part of a larger sinister effort, the report says, “The transgender movement is the newest installment in the push to derail our Judeo-Christian culture through social engineering” and is part of a broader push to promote “the value of collectivism.”

The report accepts and promotes the claims of anti-trans activists that young people are being coerced through social pressure into viewing themselves as trans: “We are manufacturing transgender kids,” says Heyer. It portrays providing teens with puberty blockers as “chemical conversion therapy.”

The second section of the IFA report is titled, “Legitimizing Immorality Through Identity Politics: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity laws and language, and their impact.” According to the report:

A well-funded powerful movement is legalizing intimidation by attaching gender identity language to legislation and action—even those that should have nothing to do with this concept. Some say the gay lobby is like a 500-pound gorilla sitting on our religious freedoms. Powerful and well-funded. Loud and proud. Pushing to make sexual orientation/gender identity an issue in much of our civic lives, and in the end, a protected class of citizens.

The report urges readers, “Pray that there would be a halt to the SOGI movement that is so prevalent and pervasive” and “that our nation would turn back to God for our identity and laws, as he is the Creator and lawgiver.” The report warns that HR5, the Equality Act, could pass “if the Republicans fail to hold the Senate in the next election” and urges readers to pray that doesn’t happen. It also asks people to pray “that funding for the SOGI agenda will dry up.”