Bob McEwen Joins Intercessors For America’s Spiritual Battle For 2018 Midterms

Former Rep. Bob McEwen spoke at Liberty University's Convocation in 2010. (Image from LU video)

Intercessors for America, which aims to make the Trump administration the most prayed-for administration in history, devoted its monthly prayer call today to the 2018 midterm elections, which will be a top focus in the coming months.

IFA’s featured guest was former Rep. Bob McEwen, a Newt Gingrich acolyte back in the day who made the news last fall when it was reported that McEwen, as executive director of the right-wing Council for National Policy, kept secret an incident in which an Ohio legislative candidate who was then considered “a rising star in evangelical politics” molested a teenager at a 2015 CNP event. Although Ohio Republicans were upset that CNP officials had failed to tell them about the incident, McEwen continues to lead the CNP. McEwen has also participated in at least one of the American Renewal Project events sponsored by Christian nationalist David Lane.

McEwen spoke about how God has abundantly blessed America, which has in turn blessed the world. “The standard for righteousness in the world is the United States,” he said. America had lost its way, he said, but thanks to God’s “graceful intervention” in 2016, He made it possible for the U.S. to be restored. This is a spiritual battle, McEwen told the prayer warriors. The Lord has given us a reprieve, he said, and it is our responsibility to “occupy the land.”

IFA’s Dave Kubal got down to specifics. Pundits have identified 62 competitive House races, 38 of which “need to be won by conservative candidates who value the things of God.” Another prayer leader said Satan had chosen to make America a battleground over the past 60 years because “we are Satan’s most formidable enemy.”

Kubal told people not to get confused or overwhelmed, because “the Lord has given the staff here at Intercessors for America supernatural wisdom and insight” and identified 14 “particularly strategic” House races on which IFA’s prayer warriors are to focus their spiritual energies.

After praying for those House districts, Kubal spent a little time praying that God’s choice for the Supreme Court would be confirmed, whether it’s Kavanaugh or someone else. An earlier IFA call had identified Amy Coney Barrett as God’s anointed and named Kavanaugh a usurper, but after Trump nominated Kavanaugh the group switched to praying for him.