Infowars: Deep State Trump Assassins Will Use ‘Internet Kill Switch’ In Cover-up

Right-wing news outlets Breitbart and Drudge Report were briefly offline yesterday due to a Google Cloud service outage that affected numerous other websites—including Snapchat, Pokemon Go and Spotify—but to Infowars host Owen Shroyer, the brief service outage was proof that an “internet kill switch” exists that the deep state will use to cover up its allegedly planned assassination of President Trump.

Last night, Shroyer went live to talk about this development (after a few drinks with some members of CRTV host Gavin McInnes’ “Proud Boys” hate group) to claim that the service outage was actually an “internet kill-switch test.” Shroyer’s warning is the latest installment in Infowars’ incessant paranoia that the website will be completely eradicated from the internet, which Alex Jones and other hosts stoke to sell products in the Infowars web store.

“It’s not to see if they can shut down the internet. They really couldn’t care less. They’re fine with the internet operating. They can manipulate it. Most people don’t give a damn, anyway, and most people just go on the internet to look at porn,” Shroyer said. “But, if they can assassinate a president and then in the immediate aftermath—say, for three hours—shut down the internet, shut down SEOs, shut down Infowars, shut down Breitbart, they realize after that three hours, half the people that would have been searching that aren’t going to even look for it anymore.”

Shroyer added, “To the average American, the average individual who doesn’t understand where we’re at right now in human history and how deep the corruption of humans really is, this is going to sound insane. It’s going to sound so far out there that, you know, whatever, we’re conspiracy theorists, we’re that, the other thing. But let me tell you, all you have to do is watch C-SPAN for a week and you will see how real this shit is.”

“They tested the internet kill switch today so they could find out how long they can keep it down without people bitching about whatever it is. And the biggest story people would bitch about, the biggest story that would ever get researched in internet history, bigger than Janet Jackson’s tit, would be ‘Donald Trump gets assassinated’ and that’s it,” he said.

Jones also reiterated this same line of conspiracy theory this morning in a special broadcast, during which he claimed that the lights turning off in the White House while Trump spoke to reporters yesterday coincided with Breitbart and Drudge report going offline and was proof of a deep state “internet kill switch.”

“The lights go out, but at the same time,,, and, and others selectively had their DNSs turned off where no one can go to the websites for one hour—60 minutes exactly,—turned off in a statement [meant to signal] that ‘we have the internet kill switch.’ And Trump needs to take back control,” Jones said.

Jones said that the current situation was “big brother to infinity.”