Alex Jones Likens Bannon’s Trump Critiques To Mugging And Rape

Alex Jones, the nutritional supplement salesman who leads the conspiracy theory outlet Infowars, claimed that former White House chief strategist and Breitbart executive Steve Bannon “stabbed the president and America in the back” by telling an author that a meeting between Trump campaign staffers and a Russian lawyer was “treasonous” and went on to compare Bannon’s actions to mugging and rape.

Jones opened his show today by addressing the ongoing feud between the Trump administration and Bannon following reports that Bannon told author Michael Wolff that Trump never wanted to be president and that a meeting between Donald Trump Jr., then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort and a Russian lawyer was “treasonous” and “unpatriotic.” Jones concluded that Bannon’s actions proved he was part of a “deep state” effort to remove Trump from office.

“Bannon is at the heart of the attempt to take down the president now and it’s just like something out of a Roman tragedy. It’s like something out of what really happened to Julius Caesar,” Jones said.

Jones went on to call Bannon’s quotes and Bannon’s response to Trump’s disavowal “an unbelievable attempt to bring down the president. I mean, it is aimed at the president 100 percent—not just a pissing contest with Jared Kushner.”

Reading headline after headline reporting new details about the public spat surrounding the quotes Bannon gave to Wolff in the book, Jones grew increasingly frustrated. He eventually cracked after reading a headline from his own website, saying, “Meanwhile, Breitbart and Infowars readers pretty much unanimously side with Trump on war of words with Bannon.”

“It’s not a war of words. Bannon, if you get mugged, you weren’t in a fight, OK? Everybody’s calling this a fight. Bannon stabbed the president and America in the back,” Jones said before yelling, “It is not—it is not a fight. If somebody rapes your wife, she didn’t cheat on you.”