Huckabee’s Future

Politico speculates about what Mike Huckabee will do once his presidential campaign ends: “Just as Reagan did after his ’76 run, Huckabee could step up his presence on the rubber chicken circuit and burnish his policy credentials by writing and offering commentary on the side in advance of another run. Given his near-constant cable news presence, Huckabee also could formalize a more-permanent role on TV — like Buchanan did in between his 1988 and 1992 runs. Should he want to run again, he’d have a nice platform from which to get his message out. But should he decide to capitalize on his affable persona and embrace punditry, he could just stick on the tube. (Or, as Buchanan has proved, he could do both.) Another option would be to create his own political entity, from which he could draw a paycheck (an important factor for a politician who never made much money) and use it to make permanent his presence on the public landscape.”