How Will Twitter Ever Survive Without Brenden Dilley’s Dank Tweets?

MAGA “life coach” and proudly amoral right-wing broadcaster Brenden Dilley has been repeatedly suspended from Twitter over the years for spreading misinformation and violating the social media platform’s terms of service. In every instance, Dilley simply created a new Twitter account, which he continued to use to attack his political enemies with lies and disinformation because, as he proudly bragged, he doesn’t “give a fuck about being factual.”

Dilley was suspended from Twitter once again last month and he created a new account, but unlike in the past, Twitter quickly suspended that one as well. Subsequently, every time he tried to sneak back onto Twitter, his newly created account was immediately suspended, prompting Dilley to finally give up.

On Wednesday’s episode of his livestream program, Dilley announced that even though his fans are begging him to get back onto Twitter because he is so amazing at it, he has no intention of doing so because he sees no point in using his genius to help prop up “a shitty, disgusting, pedo-filled fucking communist organization through my creativity.”

“I’ve got big fans and loyal fans that say, ‘Dilley, come back to Twitter,'” he said. “And I understand. I would want me on Twitter too. I’m funny, and I’m good at twitter. I’m a fucking professional Twitterer. … I mean, I know how to tweet, I know how to keep a Twitter following going. I know how to write dank tweets, I know how to trigger liberals, which is why I used to get quote-tweeted all the time by blue-check Democrats.”

“I’m good at Twitter,” Dilley continued. “But here’s the thing: Fuck Twitter. I was providing my creativity to that shitty platform for free. … Here’s my position on Twitter: I’m not going back. One, because I can’t get back on. Every time I’ve created an account., they delete it like this. Two, I’m not going back because fuck them, why would I help prop up their shitty platform with entertainment? See, the more I’m on Twitter, the more all my fans are on Twitter trying to read my tweets. And the more they’re on Twitter, the more money Twitter makes. So my logic is: Fuck ’em, I don’t need to be on your shitty platform. I’ll spend my time on CloutHub. I’ll spend my time on Parler I’ll spend my time doing my show, but I don’t need to be on Twitter propping up a shitty, disgusting, pedo-filled fucking communist organization through my creativity. I’m just not doing it. It’s a matter of principle.”

For the record, Dilley continues to broadcast his daily livestream on Periscope, which is owned by Twitter.