How Scott Lively Tried to Stop Soros-Funded ‘Infiltrators’ from ‘Homosexualizing’ Uganda

Last week, Bryan Fischer welcomed Scott Lively on to his radio program to talk about the lawsuit he is facing stemming from his involvement in Uganda and that country’s draconian anti-gay legislation.  Normally, the AFA posts video clips from Fischer’s programs, but didn’t do so for the segment with Lively, but we managed to track down the podcast of the March 22 episode on iTunes.

During the interview, Lively offered a long explanation of how he came to be involved in Uganda in the first place, beginning back in 2002 when he was brought in to explain to Ugandan officials and religious leaders how George Soros-funded “infiltrators” were flooding the nation with pornography in an effort to “homosexualize” their Christian society:

Uganda, in the 1990s, entered into an incredible Christian revival and, as a result of that revival, Christian values were just infusing the whole society and they went from having the highest level of AIDS in Africa to the lowest through the promotion of abstinence and fidelity in marriage, you know, the core Christian values about sexuality.

Because of that, that represents a huge threat to the globalists who use the sexual revolution and the whole Planned Parenthood Federation and the global homosexual movement, they use all those components are a population control method as they gather more and more power for themselves.

So what Uganda did represented a major threat to them, so they began infiltrating the country. George Soros, for example, I don’t know what stage of the process, but he went in like he always does, bought media and set up grassroots activist groups. And then, starting in the late 90’s, early 2000’s they started, these infiltrators, starting introducing pornography into this very conservative society.

And so, in 2002, to combat this sort of threat to the Ugandan culture, the government held a conference against pornography and obscenity. I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker at the conference – the Lord really had orchestrated this because I knew how this was happening; I knew who was doing this and what it’s all about, so I was able to just lay it out. I said this is who’s doing it, this is what’s going to happen next, and you need to organize in your society to stop this group of people from homosexualizing your society.

According to Lively, this original effort to stop these Soros “infiltrators” from “homosexualizing” Uganda failed, and so he was brought back in 2009 to deliver another presentation which reportedly inspired the anti-gay legislation over which he is now being sued.