Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky Joins Renewed Team Trump Attack On Mueller  

Hans von Spakovsky speaks at the LBJ Presidential Library on November 20, 2014. (Lauren Gerson/LBJ Library via Flickr)

Team Trump is generating another round of publicity meant to undermine the credibility of special counsel Robert Mueller, including a factually inaccurate USA Today column by former Attorney General Michael Mukasey and a commentary by the Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky, who served on the Trump administration’s ill-conceived commission on voting.

Von Spakovsky’s commentary, originally posted by Fox News on Thursday and distributed on Monday morning by Heritage’s Daily Signal, echoes the Trump administration’s claims that it’s past time for Mueller to wrap up his investigation.

Von Spakovsky asks, “So is the Mueller probe really a taxpayer-funded effort to overturn the results of the 2016 election and out the duly elected president from office?” He also says that “[m]any are questioning” the legitimacy of the FBI questioning Michael Flynn.

And like right-wing media outlets, von Spakovsky says the investigation “seems to have raised more questions about the possible misbehavior by Mueller’s investigators and other government officials than by the Trump campaign.”

The commentary is topped with a photo of Trump and a caption noting Trump’s characterization of the probe as a “witch hunt.”

Also sounding the theme is John Cardillo at Rebel Media, who posted a report on Monday morning promoting comments by Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and House Speaker Paul Ryan.  As Jared recently noted, Cardillo was among the right-wing media personalities who accused CNN’s Chris Cillizza of suggesting that Trump should be shot when Cillizza briefly posted a GIF of Trump that mistakenly included crosshairs used by his graphic software in the process of creating the GIF.