‘Health Ranger’ Mike Adams Declares That ‘Real Diversity’ ‘Looks Like Infowars’

Mike Adams, the self-described “Health Ranger” heading up the quack-science website Natural News, got a chance to guest host “The Alex Jones Show” today, where he declared that diversity and equality cannot exist simultaneously and explained that “real diversity” is found in the variety of conspiracy theories available on Infowars.

Last month, Adams was a guest on Jones’ show, where he debuted earth-shattering scientific research about why eating Tide laundry detergent pods is bad for a person’s health. This afternoon, he hosted the show to talk about how his health-themed conspiracy site, which hosts a variety of untrue medical information including anti-vaccine theories, had its account suspended from YouTube.

Adams began ranting about his belief that “to be a leftist, you have to two contradictory ideas at the same time and somehow believe they’re both real.” As an example, Adams said that holding the simultaneous beliefs that gun regulations should be tightened and that police violence is a problem in minority communities is contradictory. He then claimed that beliefs in the value of diversity and the importance of equality are also contradictory.

“It’s like they say, you got to have diversity and equality. Well, let’s see. Diversity means everybody’s different. Equality means everybody’s the same. You can’t have diversity and equality at the same time,” Adams said.

He added, “By the way, when the left says diversity, what they mean is a group of obedient people all parroting the exact same words, the exact same phrases, but having different skin color in the same room. That’s it. To them, that’s diversity—it’s skin deep.”

“You know what real diversity looks like? It looks like Infowars,” Adams declared.

Adams’ appearance comes in the wake of Infowars’ week-long feud with YouTube over the community guideline strikes placed on Jones’ channel and the suspension (and then reinstatement) of Infowars’ Washington bureau chief Jerome Corsi’s personal account.