Mike Cernovich: Attacks On Me Are Attacks On ‘Every Nuclear Family In America’

Mike Cernovich, a self-described “New Right” pundit infamous for his role in the “Pizzagate” conspiracy hoax, claimed that what he perceives as attacks on him and Infowars host Alex Jones from mainstream media outlets are actually attacks on every nuclear family in America.

On Jones’ program last week, Cernovich and Jones discussed the Senate testimony of a lawyer representing Twitter, who said that the platform had attempted to suppress perceived interference in the 2016 election by suppressing tweets that promoted Wikileaks releases with the hashtags “#DNCLeak” and “#PodestaEmails.” The duo interpreted the statement as validation of their longstanding warnings that conspiratorial globalist forces are using digital platforms to censor and silence their worldview.

“This is not an attack on you and me,” Cernovich told Jones. “We’re just puppets to the globalist pedophile masterminds. You and I, they’re attacking us because we’re public figures. Ultimately, this is an attack on every nuclear family in America. They’re trying to destroy the nuclear family. They’re trying to enslave people.”

Jones agreed, “That’s it. We’re figureheads of the nuclear family and of just basic sanity, and if they can shut us down they can shut everybody down.”

“Exactly. You and I, if we went away and somebody replaced us, then the media would never even talk about us. They would talk about whoever the new person on the vanguard was, the new public figure—fundamentally anybody that preaches a pro-America, pro-family, pro-morals,” agenda, Cernovich said.