Harry Jackson: Marvel Movie Could Cause Doctrinal Confusion – Real ‘Black Panther’ Is Jesus

Black Panther model with a standee of a Marvel movie display at a Bangkok theater (Photo: Sarunyu L /Shutterstock.com)

The Christian Post noted earlier this month that many Black churches are showing “unprecedented” support for the blockbuster movie “Black Panther” by hosting screenings or “buying tickets in bulk for youth to see it.” But conservative activist Harry Jackson “has expressed concerns about church support of the Marvel superhero movie because it features ancestor worship and cultism,” according to a story posted on Wednesday by the American Family Association’s One News Now.

The Christian Post cited gospel music legend Kirk Franklin saying that the movie represents hope for a community that is not often portrayed in big-budget movies. Franklin told a Dallas NBC affiliate, “I just want them to be able to see a snapshot of themselves. When you can see yourself doing supernatural things, then you are able to take that power and believe that you have a supernatural ability as well.”

But One News Now reports that Jackson believes the film “could cause doctrinal confusion.”

“I believe that many are reaching out because there’s this secularized need for us to feel like those who have been told that they were less than … [that they] can really be powerful people,” Jackson posed. “And we don’t have to compromise the Gospel for that message to come to blacks and Hispanics and other minorities. What we need to do is use this as a stepping stone to preach.”

With this in mind and Easter approaching, he said that he is strongly considering preaching a sermon entitled “The Real Black Panther.”

“And the idea is that [His] name is Jesus,” the nationally renowned African American pastor shared.

Jackson stressed that every Christian should use this movie and its subject matter as a springboard to present the Gospel to friends and family.