GOP Congressman: Bill Clinton Warned Loretta Lynch He Would Kill Her Like Vince Foster

In a radio interview earlier this month, Republican Rep. Pete Olson of Texas speculated that when former President Bill Clinton met with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a tarmac in Phoenix last year, he warned her to call her “attack dog” off the Clinton family and warned her that he and Hillary Clinton would “destroy” her like they “killed” Vince Foster.

Olson made the comments in a June 9 interview with Houston-based radio host Sam Malone.

Olson echoed conservative media who, after former FBI director James Comey testified about his communications with President Trump involving investigations into Russian interference in the election, focused on peripheral issues that came up in the testimony, including Comey’s discussion of the meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton and his admission that he leaked memos about his conversations with Trump to the press.

Olson told Malone that the meeting between Clinton and Lynch was “awfully strange” because it took place “the day before [Hillary Clinton] may be indicted.”

“I guarantee you,” the congressman said, “they had a conversation and he basically said, ‘Mrs. Lynch, call your attack dog off. We have killed people. We killed Vince Foster, we destroyed Webb Hubbell, we will destroy you.’”

Foster was a Clinton administration lawyer whose 1993 death was ruled a suicide, but who has become the focus of feverish right-wing conspiracy theories about the Clintons.

Olson called the Comey hearing a “clown show” and said that what Sen. John McCain was trying to get at in his famously bumbling questioning of the former FBI chief was that there was a double standard between the media’s and Congress’ treatment of Trump and of Hillary Clinton because “the same sort of shenanigans happened in two fields, but one got all this national spotlight and all these little hearings and stuff, and one was just sort of swept under the rug like Vince Foster’s death.”