GOP Candidate Kimberly Klacik Slammed for Insinuations About Americans of Chinese Ancestry

Congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik (Image from campaign video)

Kimberly Klacik, a failed congressional candidate from Baltimore who spoke at this year’s Republican National Convention, had a busy weekend on Twitter, where she posted a string of quotes about the Chinese ethnic backgrounds of some prominent people’s significant others:

She also tweeted, “The Coronavirus is from China. I just post facts.”

Klacik took a lot of criticism, even from right-wing activists like Trump attorney Jenna Ellis, for the tweets, which seemed intended to imply that Chinese and Chinese American people are suspect.

Klacik dismissed and mocked people who criticized her tweets as bigoted and racist.

Klacik parlayed her resounding defeat in an April 2020 special congressional election—she took just 25 percent of the vote—into right-wing media appearances and an RNC speaking gig with the help of Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson, who produced a video of Klacik striding around a run-down section of Baltimore denouncing the city’s Democratic leaders while text on screen declared “Black lives don’t matter to Democrats.”

As part of her weekend Twitter thread, Klacik served notice that she is running again for Congress in 2022.