GOD TV: Where Right Wing Paranoia Meets End Times Prophecy

Following my post yesterday on GOD TV’s announcement that it would be airing Lou Engle’s Houston prayer rally, I was searching around its website for info on how to watch it when I came across episodes from their second season of “Apocalypse and the End Times.”

The series consists of lengthy interviews with people like Tim LaHaye and Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer explaining the signs that the End Times are coming and offering advice on how to prepare.

I was particularly impressed with the episode featuring Paul McGuire, in which he explained that we are living in the End Times right now as proven by the fact that the economic crisis was entirely manufactured by international bankers as part of a plot hatched in the 1870s by socialists and intellectuals who eventually partnered with the Council on Foreign Relations.

McGuire also worked in the fringe right-wing claim about the DHS report and plans to round-up Bible-believing Christian conservatives and place them all in concentration camps:

And remember, the key is “that you have to establish your credibility, otherwise [you are] just spouting horror stories.” Right “Professor” McGuire?