‘God Sent Me’ Claims ​QAnon-Promoting Congressional Candidate Angela Stanton-King

Congressional candidate Angela Stanton-King (Photo from Stanton-King for Congress campaign website.)

“God sent me,” Angela Stanton-King, the Republican candidate in Georgia’s 5th Congressional District, claimed in a tweet Wednesday night​. StantonKing is among the congressional candidates identified by Media Matters and news  outlets as having promoted QAnon-related conspiracy theories.

​A​t the beginning of July, StantonKing denied ​being a Q​Anon believer, ​telling the Associated Press that linking to a QAnon video was about “questioning the movement” and that using QAnon hashtags was an effort to extend her social media reach. But since then, she has published ​a number of tweets that appear to support QAnon. On July 11​, she tweeted“How many of you think this is still about Trump being a racist and not the Globbal elite pedophiles trafficking children…THE GLOVES ARE OFF!!!” ​On Thursday morning​, she tweeted what she described as a “truth bomb”: “This isn’t about COVID 19 or BLACK LIVES MATTER. This is a major cover up for PEDOPHILIA and HUMAN TRAFFICKING.”

StantonKing is ​vehemently anti-choice. Last week​, she tweeted, “Calling all Christians,” adding, “Remember that scripture in Ecclesiastes, the one that says, ‘There’s a time for peace and a time for war.’ Well this is the war! Save the children and the babies in the womb.”

After authoring a series of tweets detailing ​her strident anti-LGBTQ views in March​, StantonKing​ faced a wave of criticism.​ Blogger Alvin McEwen called her out for sending a tweet “implying that LGBTQ people are violent pedophiles” on the day she launched her campaign. On July 9, she tweeted, ​“First they stole the rainbow now they wanna steal the church.”

​A mask skeptic, Stanton-King has said, “No one wants us to ask questions about COVID. They just want us to be good little sheep and follow their instructions…” Last week​, she tweeted, “Watch how quick COVID disappears after the Election.”

Unopposed for the Republican nomination, Stanton-King received financial support from the state and national GOP. The New York Times ​noted this week that the Republican National Committee ​gave her $2,200 and the Georgia Republican Party ​gave her $2,800.

Stanton-King is an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, who pardoned her earlier this year for her 2004 conviction on charges related to her role in a car theft ring. A White House statement mentioned that her pardon was supported by Alveda King, another vocal Trump supporter​ and Stanton-King’s godmother.

Stanton-King is extremely unlikely to end up in Congress next year; she is challenging longtime incumbent and civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis in a solidly Democratic district. On July 5, she tweeted that she would be Kanye West’s running mate in 2024.