Glenn Beck: Obama’s Failure To Solve All Our Racial Problems Is The Biggest Missed Opportunity In World History

Glenn Beck kicked off his radio broadcast this morning by declaring that Donald Trump’s performance in last night’s final presidential debate was “the second biggest missed opportunity in … world history.”

Hillary Clinton is such a terrible candidate, Beck argued, that Trump should have been able to mop the floor with her, especially after being served up softball questions about the Supreme Court, the Second Amendment and abortion, but he is so uninformed that he fumbled away the opportunity.

But Trump can take solace in knowing that his debate performance was only the second worst thing to ever happen, right behind President Obama’s failure to single-handedly solve all the racial problems in America during his eight years in office.

Obama could have solved all of the problems rooted in centuries of racial tension, Beck said, if he had simply been a uniter like Nelson Mandela. Instead, Obama sought to divide America, Beck said, which makes “Barack Obama not healing the nation” the “biggest missed opportunity, possibly, on earth, in history.”

Trump’s poor debate performance, Beck insisted, was the second biggest missed opportunity.