Glenn Beck Is On A Mission From God

For months now, Glenn Beck has been regularly featuring David Barton of Wallbuilders on his program and so I guess it was only a matter of time that Beck showed up as a guest on Barton’s radio program, which is what happened today.

Beck came on to discuss how his upcoming Restoring Honor rally is being orchestrated by God to unleash revival upon America:

Beck: I think this is an opportunity to gather God’s people together and wake people up. And I just have this feeling that this is the beginning of something gigantic in this country, that it is spiritual awakening.

What’s going to happen there will raise the hair on your arms. What’s going to happen there you will never, ever forget and I promise you, then next day when you read about it – if the press covers it – you will say “oh my gosh, I wish I would have been there.” This will go into the history book.

This is Divine Providence. This is the Lord’s hand at work. This is a miracle.

Barton: And it really is. It’s an intervention of God. And a lot of times when he shows up, it’s not the way you thought he was going to show up, but man the results are always his and it’s really good the way it works out.

Beck: And that’s kind of the point of 8/28: you just have to stand where the Lord wants you to stand. He’ll explain it to you when the time comes.

You can feel the presence of the Lord. I mean, the Spirit is so strong. When you two hundred, three hundred, five hundred thousand people on the Mall in that space right there between Washington and Lincoln with the Reflecting Poll – a spiritual space in our nation – the Spirit of the Lord is going to be unleashed like I think you’ve never felt it before.