Glenn Beck: If Comey Doesn’t Have Evidence, His Clinton Letter Is ‘One Of The Most Irresponsible Things To Ever Happen’

Glenn Beck spent his entire radio show today discussing the news that the FBI has discovered thousands of emails on a computer belonging to Anthony Weiner, some of which could possibly be related to the agency’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Despite having no information about what these emails might contain or whether there is even a single one that is relevant to the Clinton investigation, Beck had no qualms about wildly speculating and floating all sorts of evidence-free theories about what is “really” going on while declaring that Donald Trump has now been handed “the greatest gift given to any candidate of all time in the history of America.”

After repeatedly declaring that Clinton is corrupt to her core and can never be allowed to become president, Beck eventually admitted that if it turns out that there is nothing on Weiner’s computer that is related to the FBI investigation of Clinton’s server, then FBI director James Comey’s announcement amounts to “one of the most irresponsible things to ever happen.”

“For him to go for the subpoena and announce it and open this thing up when he says he doesn’t know if there’s even anything in those emails,” Beck said, “that’s too big of a risk of anyone’s career; and not his, hers.”

If Comey actually believes the results of the investigation that he announced back in July when he recommended that no charges be filed against Clinton over her use of a private server, Beck said, there is no reason for him to have made this latest announcement about the newly discovered emails.

“If he actually believes that, you’re not going to open an investigation and announce it without any real evidence and destroy her career,” Beck said. “You change the course of the country. You change the course of this person’s life. This is one of the most irresponsible things to ever happen, if it is indeed true that he doesn’t have any evidence.”

“Can you imagine if this were to happen to Donald Trump?” he asked. “Can you imagine what we would be saying? If this would have happened to any Republican president—Mitt Romney—and they said, ‘We have no evidence’?”