Glenn Beck Conveniently Rewrites History To Explain Why ‘Everyone’ Got The 2012 Election Wrong

Glenn Beck spent quite a bit of time on his radio program today analyzing various state presidential election polls ahead of the election next Tuesday, saying that the reason so many pundits got the 2012 election wrong was because they focused too much on national polls.

“Where everyone went wrong last time with Barack Obama on the polls is that they were looking at the national polls and not the statewide polls,” Beck said. “The reason why it appeared to be so wrong is because the state polls really are a reflection of the Electoral College and the state polls are much more accurate on what’s going to happen to the election.”

That is an interesting theory, but unfortunately Beck’s effort to rewrite history is somewhat undercut by this video we clipped from his radio program exactly four years ago today, just days before the 2012 election, in which he went through various state polls and declared that Mitt Romney was actually leading by three to six points in any poll that showed that he and Obama were tied or that Romney was trailing.

Romney would win with 321 electoral votes to President Obama’s 217, Beck predicted, which “would be a mandate [and] a giant, giant spanking.”

Obviously, Beck’s excited prediction did not quite pan out as he expected.