Glenn Beck and The Dangers Of the Green Dragon

Remember that “Resisting the Green Dragon” video we posted last week featuring a who’s who of Religious Right leaders explaining how the environmental movement is out to control the world and destroy Christianity?

Well, it turns out that, once again, Glenn Beck beat us to the punch because I just came across this Media Matters post reporting that Beck had Calvin Beisner and David Barton on his program back in October to promote it:

Glenn Beck doesn’t want the Tides Foundation talking to your kids. That would be “indoctrination.” How about people who call gay relationships “an abomination” and Islam a “devious religion”? Beck gives them his stamp of approval.

During a recent broadcast of his Fox News show, Beck attacked the Tides Foundation for sponsoring a 6-part curriculum that encourages Christian teens to “explore the relationship between their consumption, their faith, and the health of the planet.” Beck claimed that the curriculum — which is free for churches to download and was released 6 months ago — was “propaganda” and “indoctrination,” and told his viewers to “run for your life” if they “see anything like this” in their churches.

Beck went on to promote a 12-DVD anti-environmentalist series called Resisting the Green Dragon as an alternative to the Tides curriculum. The DVD’s are sponsored by the Cornwall Alliance, a coalition of religious figures opposed to policies designed to fight “alleged man-made global warming.” According to Beck’s guest Calvin Beisner, who is selling the just-released DVDs for $50, Resisting the Green Dragon “examines the world view, the theology, the ethics, the politics, the economics, the science, the history, everything about the environmentalist movement and how it is intentionally infiltrating churches and intentionally targeting especially children.”

I don’t know how I missed this when Media Matters first posted it, so I just wanted to call attention to it now as further evidence that there is literally no right-wing conspiracy theory that Beck won’t eagerly embrace and promote.