Gingrich Tells Religious Right Audience They Must Take Power Back From The “Minority Elite”

Think Progress has posted a video of Newt Gingrich calling on President Obama to “repudiate the concept of the 99 and the 1,” saying it is “un-American [and] divisive” and promising that, if he is elected, he will be “president of all the American people, not part of the American people, and I will seek to unify the American people, not to divide them against each other.”

Yes, of course … because Gingrich would never seek to divide Americans and pit the majority against the minority. 

So obviously his remarks at the recent “One Nation Under God” event where he told Religious Right activists that they are the majority in the country who must stand up and take this nation back from the anti-Christian “minority elite” who are ruining it was actually a message designed to “unify the American people”:

Now the good news for all of you is you represent the vast majority. Ninety percent of the country believes the words of the Founding Fathers are relevant today. Eighty-five or ninety percent actually believes – over ninety percent of the country believes young people should be allowed to have a moment of silent prayer every morning. The country overwhelmingly believes that “one nation under God” should remain in the Pledge of Allegiance.

But we have allowed ourselves to be bullied, harassed, intimidated, and dominated by a tiny elite using the courts, using the news media, using the entertainment community, using the bureaucracy to coerce the American people against their will. It is fundamentally anti-freedom, fundamentally anti-democratic and the core meaning of the 2012 is to stand up and say “no, the eighty percent of the country that actually believes in classical America is now about to take back power from the minority elite.”